[PD] aka.wiiremote object for os x

Florian Krebs flokadillo at yahoo.de
Sat Jan 17 12:13:15 CET 2009

Thanks for your answer.

>ah i think you are experiencing the joys of pd-extended.
>the solution is simple: just checkout the entire "externals" branch and
>redo what you have done.

You are right I do use Pd version 0.40.3-extended...
What do you mean with "checkout the eternals branch" ? I renamed the directory "Contents/Resources/extra" to "extra_temp", but nothing changed. 

>there are certainly simpler ways, e.g. copy an existing Makefile for
>multi-source libraries (e.g. one of tm's iemlib libraries) and adapt it
>to your needs.

Unfortunately I don't know so much about Makefiles.
But shouldn't this basically work with :

akawiiremote.pd_darwin: aka.wiiremote.c wiiremote.c wiiremote.h
    gcc -o akawiiremote.pd_darwin aka.wiiremote.c wiiremote.c wiiremote.h

(but unfortunately it doesn't)



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