[PD] Yet more DS GUI excursions

Luke Iannini lukexipd at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 11:14:38 CET 2009

Here's another experiment with datastructure-based GUI replacements.
As with Chris (with his recent excellent "expanding GUI" concept), I'm
a big big fan of hiding complexity, and I also like keeping details
and interaction "in context", as in, somehow connected to or growing
from the control you're manipulating.  Apple's doing this tons lately,
e.g., the new iLife
http://blog.cocoia.com/2009/01/07/iwork-ilife-09-ui-roundup/ ("HUD
panel changes" is the only pic I can find, but there are many more
examples in the new iMovie videos @

So, this is a simple context-bubble sketch: dragging the slider
reveals a bubble with two different interpretations of the slider's
value.  With the new "click" message, these could me more than
transient datalayers, and could graduate to being actual interactive

The biggest problem with this example is that the bounding box of the
GOP needs to be bigger than the control to give room for the context
popup to appear, meaning every control has a giant black rectangular
halo.  It would be really awesome if there was a way to hide that box,
just like IOhannes added the option to hide the object name and

Another really nice addition to DS would be variable opacity, so when
I do a filledpolygon I can specify 9005 as the color to get a
transparent red rather than just 900.  That would be of great use for
both these context bubbles as well as, say, a sample range selection
box where you can still see the sample data under the selection.  And
as ever, a way to specify a persistent z-index for DS is pretty
essential for any complex use.

Okee, that's all for the moment
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