[PD] max for live

Damian Stewart damian.ml at frey.co.nz
Mon Jan 19 16:21:54 CET 2009

Daniel Almeida wrote:
> I dare say PD needs to ditch tcl/tk! SDL could be a good idea.
> Daniel

yeah that's what i said about two years ago...

the problem is, at the moment tcl/tk is embedded quite deeply into Pd 
itself. this is a focus of the current pd-dev effort: trying to clear this 
up. tcl/tk in itself isn't _necessarily_ slow, it's just that the way Pd is 
using it is not at all optimised (for example, as Hans-Christoph and i 
discovered once, when you click-drag to move an element in a graphical 
table, not just the element you moved but _the entire table_ is redrawn, 
each time).

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