[PD] reading colors from txt file with repeat

punchik punchik punchikk at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 20 19:29:45 CET 2009

Hello pd happy people, one question , i have a txt file with rgb colors .
The txt file i have is something like this:

142     250      0
0       100      50
14      123      0
123     222      111   .... and so on.

each line represents the rgb color where the first item in each line is red , the second green and the third blue.

My question is this: 
i have a gem patch that creates random 3d shapes using nested repeat objects with geos.   How can i read each line of my txt file (each color ) and apply to each repeated geo? for example if i have a sphere repeated 10 times, i would like that the first sphere would be  the color of the first line in my txt file, the second sphere the second line in my txt file , the third  sphere  the third color in my txt file and so on.....

how can i do something like this????????????

any advice would be apreciatted !!

many thanks



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