[PD] aka.wiiremote object for os x

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Jan 21 18:02:59 CET 2009

Here's what needs to be done:


Basically, the Bluetooth API needs a CFRunLoop to poll for data.   
Since 'pd' is not a Carbon app, it doesn't have a CFRunLoop.  That  
means you have to set one up, then it'll poll the bluetooth stuff for  


On Jan 20, 2009, at 7:35 AM, Florian Krebs wrote:

> I would like to work on akawiiremote a bit, because it seems to be  
> the only external for wiimote and pd on mac.
> Can somebody, who has successfully compiled it yet, tell which  
> version of Pd he/she has used ?
> I still haven't managed to compile it with neither pd- 
> extended-0.40-3, nor pd-0.42-3, and would like to try it with  
> another build system.
> Thanks,
> Florian


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