[PD] reading colors from txt file with repeat

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jan 21 20:15:42 CET 2009

punchik punchik hat gesagt: // punchik punchik wrote:

> cool thanks, i have one more doubt , is there is a way to store 3
> variable in one index of an array? how can i do if i would like to
> have 3 values rgb at one index? or should i use 3 arrays one per
> color?

You can only store one number per index. So you either should use 3
arrays (i.e. $0-r, $0-g, $0-b) or group three values inside one table
by adjusting the indices accordingly. It's easier to show in a patch
than to tell, so just look at the attachment to see what I mean.

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