[PD] Pd-extended and command line parameters

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jan 22 09:35:54 CET 2009

Simon Wise wrote:
> IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>> e deleflie wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I cant get the command line parameters to work on Pd-extended. (OSX)
>> use Pd-0.42
>> afaik, cmdline args for all flavours of Pd on OSX prior to 0.42 and 
>> after 0.38 (or so) did not work, due to the way, things get called (on 
>> OS-X Pd will start the gui which in turn starts the dsp (which eats the 
>> cmdline args); prior to 0.42 the cmdline args got lost somewhere.
>>> Is there a secret to get command line params to work with Pd-extended?
>> no secret involved. but since Pd-extended has not yet reached 0.42, it 
>> won't work out of the box yet.
> I haven't got OSX here at the moment so I can't check, but IIRC it is a 
> bit confusing which binary to use in the bundle, and if you use the 
> appropriate one you can use command line args - for example this script 
> works for Pd-0.40 extended on OSX 10.4
> /Applications/Pd.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -nogui 
> /Library/Pd/slave.pd; exit

ah, this only works if you use the "-nogui" flag.
because: in this case, the pd-gui (which would _really_ start the 
pd-dsp) is not started, but instead the pd-dsp just keeps running and 
parses the rest of the arguments.

  -nogui <otherargs>
should all work (because no GUI is involved, or Pd is quit before the 
gui could get involved)

as soon as GUI is involved, this simply does not work anymore.

its all for your benefit: people kept complaining about having a 
application-title "Wish" instead of "Pd" in the olde days. to fix this, 
it was necessary to add this who-calls-whom quirks, which lost the 
arguments in older (<0.42) Pd-versions.

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