[PD] Maximum output number

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jan 22 14:16:53 CET 2009

mbutubuntu wrote:
> I think it's a technical limit of Pd... I've Pd vanilla 0.41.4 compiled 
> by me on GNU/Linux, If i tried to set 48 chan. I got
> mbutu at mbutuarch ~]$ /usr/bin/pd
> 48 output ports not supported, setting to 32
> pd_gui: pd process exited
> Segmentation fault
> So i think you need more instances of Pd.

we are using Pd successfully with 64 channels.

usually with alsa as backend.

the jack-backend of Pd is buggy and only supports 32 channels. it will 
also crash if you are setting higher numbers of channels.

i have once posted a bugfix for this to the patch-tracker that raises 
the maximum number of channels to 1024, but people reported problems 
with that.

just yesterday i have done tests with jack and 64 channels (with a 
modified patch applied, the modification was to reduce the number of 
channels to 256, iirc), and had no problems at all.
according to jack, i was down to 2.5ms, and i _measured_ a latency of 

there might as well be problems with OSS and higher number of channels 
(hidden within the depths of OSS)

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