[PD] pix_opencv

Loic Kessous loic.kessous at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 15:10:28 CET 2009

thanks for the replies, so now that I have so hope to make it work, I  
try to restart from scratch :-) to be sure that I have the right  
opencv installation and then the other ressources I need (GEM and Pd)

first what I really need for opencv specific things?

for os X do I need the framework stuff?

I have some opencv examples (standalone) that work using a 'local  
I made yesterday some unsuccessful tentatives to make this work with  
Pd, as there is the tc and tk famework in the os X package, I though  
that it could be an issue to put the opencv package here..., also I  
tried to put it in other places as /library/Frameworks.

anyway, now I removed all the opencv.framework files.

I also had a look at the usr/local/lib and apparently I it was quit  
messy (I probalbly installed opencv too many times), so I made it  
clean, same thing for the usr/include:

sh-3.2# cd ../lib/
sh-3.2# ls
mageMagick-6.4.1	libcvaux.la		libfuse.dylib		libml.2.dylib
libcv.1.dylib		libcvhaartraining.a	libfuse.la		libml.dylib
libcv.2.0.0.dylib	libcxcore.1.0.0.dylib	libhighgui.1.0.0.dylib	libml.la
libcv.2.dylib		libcxcore.1.dylib	libhighgui.1.dylib	libulockmgr. 
libcv.dylib		libcxcore.2.0.0.dylib	libhighgui.2.0.0.dylib	libulockmgr. 
libcv.la		libcxcore.2.dylib	libhighgui.2.dylib	libulockmgr.a
libcvaux.1.0.0.dylib	libcxcore.dylib		libhighgui.dylib	libulockmgr.dylib
libcvaux.1.dylib	libcxcore.la		libhighgui.la		libulockmgr.la
libcvaux.2.0.0.dylib	libfuse.0.0.0.dylib	libml.1.0.0.dylib	pkgconfig
libcvaux.2.dylib	libfuse.0.dylib		libml.1.dylib
libcvaux.dylib		libfuse.a		libml.2.0.0.dylib

sh-3.2# ls
cv.h			cvhaartraining.h	cvwimage.h		cxtypes.h
cv.hpp			cvmat.hpp		cxcore.h		highgui.h
cvaux.h			cvtypes.h		cxcore.hpp		ml.h
cvaux.hpp		cvver.h			cxerror.h
cvcompat.h		cvvidsurv.hpp		cxmisc.h


sh-3.2# ls

sh-3.2# cd ../lib/
sh-3.2# ls
ImageMagick-6.4.1	pkgconfig

SO NOW, FIRST STEP AGAIN: Can some please tell me what opencv version  
I should download? (FYI, I use a iMac intel 2.66 GHz intel core Duo os  
X 10.5.6) ?

this one using CVS (according to http://opencv.willowgarage.com/wiki/Mac_OS_X_OpenCV_Port)? 
  and this command (that was one of my previous tentatives, in  
addition to darwin port and others that I don't remember):

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at opencvlibrary.cvs.sourceforge.net:/ 
cvsroot/opencvlibrary co -P opencv

thanks for your help,

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