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lluis gomez i bigorda lluisgomez at hangar.org
Sun Jan 25 13:56:56 CET 2009

hi Loic,

again I apologize for the big mess on pix_opencv macosx versions ... and 
again I must say macosx is not my usual system ...

anyway I managed several times to install it on intelmacs, using this 
procedure ::

- get cvs version of openCV and compile it (I think I followed that link 

- get and compile pix_opencv using this makefile 
http://hangar.org/wikis/lab/pd/opencv/Makefile.darwin (instead of the 
one in the pd-svn) you must change the makefile to match yout system ::

PD_DIR = /Users/lluisgomezbigorda/pd-0.41-4
GEM_DIR = /Users/lluisgomezbigorda/Gem
OPENCV_CFLAGS = -I/usr/local/include/opencv

.- that's all. copy the pd_darwin files in your extra folder and that 
should work.


if you have errors like "unsupported format", that could be a mismatch 
with the Gem version you used to compile pix_opencv and the ones running 
in your system ... or (please any macosx dev), can also be a mismatch in 
the compiler versions used to compile Gem and pix_opencv ???
- anyway if I get that errors, I usually solved them compiling all Gem 
in the same environment I compiled pix_opencv ... but that's another 
history ...

another tip for macosx is that pix_opencv only works with RGBA pixes 
wich are not the default one in macosx ... so Yes, another mess here are 
the helpfiles. all the help files need a [pix_rgba] in order to work on 
macosx ..


hope that helps ...

looking forward to do better documentation on that ......

En/na Loic Kessous ha escrit:
> thanks for the replies, so now that I have so hope to make it work, I  
> try to restart from scratch :-) to be sure that I have the right  
> opencv installation and then the other ressources I need (GEM and Pd)
> first what I really need for opencv specific things?
> for os X do I need the framework stuff?
> I have some opencv examples (standalone) that work using a 'local  
> framework'.
> I made yesterday some unsuccessful tentatives to make this work with  
> Pd, as there is the tc and tk famework in the os X package, I though  
> that it could be an issue to put the opencv package here..., also I  
> tried to put it in other places as /library/Frameworks.
> anyway, now I removed all the opencv.framework files.
> I also had a look at the usr/local/lib and apparently I it was quit  
> messy (I probalbly installed opencv too many times), so I made it  
> clean, same thing for the usr/include:
> before:
> sh-3.2# cd ../lib/
> sh-3.2# ls
> mageMagick-6.4.1	libcvaux.la		libfuse.dylib		libml.2.dylib
> libcv.1.dylib		libcvhaartraining.a	libfuse.la		libml.dylib
> libcv.2.0.0.dylib	libcxcore.1.0.0.dylib	libhighgui.1.0.0.dylib	libml.la
> libcv.2.dylib		libcxcore.1.dylib	libhighgui.1.dylib	libulockmgr. 
> 0.0.0.dylib
> libcv.dylib		libcxcore.2.0.0.dylib	libhighgui.2.0.0.dylib	libulockmgr. 
> 0.dylib
> libcv.la		libcxcore.2.dylib	libhighgui.2.dylib	libulockmgr.a
> libcvaux.1.0.0.dylib	libcxcore.dylib		libhighgui.dylib	libulockmgr.dylib
> libcvaux.1.dylib	libcxcore.la		libhighgui.la		libulockmgr.la
> libcvaux.2.0.0.dylib	libfuse.0.0.0.dylib	libml.1.0.0.dylib	pkgconfig
> libcvaux.2.dylib	libfuse.0.dylib		libml.1.dylib
> libcvaux.dylib		libfuse.a		libml.2.0.0.dylib
> /usr/local/include
> sh-3.2# ls
> cv.h			cvhaartraining.h	cvwimage.h		cxtypes.h
> cv.hpp			cvmat.hpp		cxcore.h		highgui.h
> cvaux.h			cvtypes.h		cxcore.hpp		ml.h
> cvaux.hpp		cvver.h			cxerror.h
> cvcompat.h		cvvidsurv.hpp		cxmisc.h
> after:
> /usr/local/include
> sh-3.2# ls
> sh-3.2#
> sh-3.2# cd ../lib/
> sh-3.2# ls
> ImageMagick-6.4.1	pkgconfig
> SO NOW, FIRST STEP AGAIN: Can some please tell me what opencv version  
> I should download? (FYI, I use a iMac intel 2.66 GHz intel core Duo os  
> X 10.5.6) ?
> this one using CVS (according to http://opencv.willowgarage.com/wiki/Mac_OS_X_OpenCV_Port)? 
>   and this command (that was one of my previous tentatives, in  
> addition to darwin port and others that I don't remember):
> cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous at opencvlibrary.cvs.sourceforge.net:/ 
> cvsroot/opencvlibrary co -P opencv
> thanks for your help,
> loic
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