[PD] For dynamic patches: "pd make clean" message

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 25 15:08:38 CET 2009


a suggestion that probably was already spoken of here: some patches have a  
have a steady core, but a dynamic behavior. A simple example is attached  
of a patch whose goal is only for graphical display. But other patches  
might have a more complex behavior, and depend on on-the-fly parameters.  
For example, a patch with a graphical eq that changes the number of bands  
dynamically, and automatically displays them graphically.

That to say, these patches are already "complete" when the basic code is  
given - this code than lets the patch reformulate itself to other  
configurations. If you agreed with what I said so far, you should agree  
that it is weird that when closing these patches, they're marked as  
"dirty", and pd asks for them to be saved. I guess it would make sense to  
add a "pd make clean" command or something that restrains pd from asking  
the patch to be saved.

The patch I send gets dirty every time it is initiated due to the  
donecanvasdialog message. Which means that if you're using this kind of  
button 20x in your patch, you'll get 20 "save changes" messages. People  
can argue that it's possible to close the main patch with ctrl-shift, but  
that's itself a dirty solution - and sometimes makes pd crash, at least in  

I suggest a "pd make clean" message, but maybe someone has a better idea.



Note: sooner or later, this patch will be in the jmmmp library.

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