[PD] iem_bin_ambi on OSX ... missing objects

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jan 27 08:57:31 CET 2009

e deleflie wrote:
> All,
> I'm working through the windows iem_bin_ambi master patch .... trying
> to get it all working on OSX ... I have a list of missing objects,
> just wondering if anyone could help me track down where I can get
> them.
> Missing objects:
> [parent1022]
> [parent1027]
> [parent1034]
> ... are these some kind of dynamic object?

no, this comes from [parentdollarzero] (iemlib2). originally this object 
had an alias [parent$0] which stopped working with Pd-0.40, where 
in-symbol replacements of dollargs was added '; this makes the $0 in 
[parent$0] expand to its real value (e.g. 1022) and Pd cannot find 
so for now, just rename these objects to [parentdollarzero].
it would be nice if you could point me to the patches so i can fix it 

> [itrax2]
> ... a head tracking device driver?

yep. we mainly use(d) binaural ambisonics with realtime tracking of head 
iirc, the code for the itrax external by thomas musil is not opensourced 
(due to license restrictions in the library provided by intersense)
i can ask him later this day about details.

> [spec2*~]
> [spec2+~]
> [spec2-~]

these are part of the iem_spec2 library for efficient operations in rFFT 

are these example patches or help-patches?
the latter shouldn't include too many dependencies on other libs (and 
none on not-available objects like the "itrax2").

nevertheless the patches are supposed to show some real work and are 
therefore stripped down from our research projects...

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