[PD] iem_bin_ambi on OSX ... missing objects

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jan 28 09:33:37 CET 2009

e deleflie wrote:
>>>> [parent1022]
>>>> [parent1027]
>>>> [parent1034]
>>>> ... are these some kind of dynamic object?
>>> no, this comes from [parentdollarzero] (iemlib2).
>> iemlib2 is not in the OSX version of Pd-Extended .... should it be?
>> ... do I need to compile?
> ah ... I just found out that [parentdollarzero] works .... so I'm
> guessing that iemlib1 and iemlib2 are both contained within iemlib?

this is q question of how Pd-extended groups the objects.
upstream, _the_ IEMlib consists of 4 libraries (iemlib1, iemlib2, 
iem_t3_lib and iem_mp3) plus some abstractions (iemabs).
whether this layout should have been flattened into a single "iemlib" or 
whether the separation into different libs was a good idea in the first 
place, is out of scope :-)

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