[PD] [Pd][Windows] Handling Paths and Visual Enhancements

Steffen Leve Poulsen slagmark at worldonline.dk
Wed Jan 28 12:12:13 CET 2009

~/ will give you the home dir of the current user on XP with Pd-vanilla.
And you can substitute backslash with slash


Ray Rashif skrev:
> Smashing day
> == Part 1 ==
> I'm trying to do some user-interaction and would like to use variables 
> for handling filepaths. I understand this may not be a problem with 
> Linux/Mac as we can use ~/ for the user's home directory. What would be 
> the Windows equivalent of that? I'd also like to know how to handle 
> Windows paths in general with Pd as the backslash is not recognised.
> == Part 2 ==
> Look at the screenshots at 
> http://digital.music.cornell.edu/kevinernste/tutorial_3_audio_input_and_recording
> Is that a Mac-specific look or could we patch the latest version to look 
> like that? The patches available from crca.ucsd.edu/~jsarlo/ 
> <http://crca.ucsd.edu/~jsarlo/> are for an older version.
> Thanks for reading (:

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