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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
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I hope you don't mind, I cc'ed the Pd list since I think there are  
others interested in this info as well.

On Jan 18, 2009, at 1:00 AM, David Hughes wrote:

> Let me first say that your work at eyebeam is wizard grade stuff.   
> getting pd to the palms is beyond impressive.
> so I have been following very closely the steps you outline and I  
> have found success signal processing with the provided gridthing,  
> and have tried making some patches and saving them on my palmTX.
> a few questions, if you have time-
> when I save a patch on the palmtx,  where does it end up on the sd  
> card?  there is no / file hierarchy that I can find on it.  I  
> confess I am a linux noob, and can not recognize where to save .pd  
> patches while reading the card from a sdcard reader either.  You  
> encouraged me in your video to come up with fun new stuff for the  
> palm-pd, and I have just hit this wall between my desktop pc and my  
> palm.

If you are working directly on the Palm TX, think of a the Palm TX as  
a regular linux box, and the SD card is just a disk.  I don't really  
think its possible to get much patching done on the device itself.  I  
write the patches on my laptop, then copy them to the card to run them  
on the Palm TX.

> I've checked out the hack&dev website (which is perplexing to me)  
> and the state of wifi for the tx is very confusing.  Can you weigh  
> in on the state of the connectivity on the TX?  I can call up a  
> [netrecieve] and [netsend] objects, but can i make use of them?

I think the wifi is working, but it is still raw, so you have to set  
it up in pure command line style.

> There is also some discussion on hack&dev, and eyebeam as well (??)   
> as to python on the distro for the palmtx.  python, however, does  
> not appear do be a package installed on this current release.  I  
> should perhaps talk to the angstrom dev team about that?

I have some images with Pd and Python on them but I haven't released  
anything yet.  I can post some of the test builds somewhere if you are  
interested in trying them.


> as you see, I am in a universe of confusions.   Can you spare some  
> guidance, please plz?
> much respect, thanks and thanks and thanks,
> dafe sunji roaoul
> rsvp to sunji.roaoul at gmail.com
> or palmtx at dafehughes.com


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