[PD] pd msgs for pd->pd-gui WAS: Why I don't like the new automagic

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Jan 29 21:13:35 CET 2009

On Jan 29, 2009, at 3:56 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>> well i guess this is the main problem with how Pd does it right now.
> which was not meant to be defeatist.
> i have no objection (so far :-)) basically on _what_ is communicated  
> between Pd nd Pd-gui. e.g. i don't have any real problems with the  
> server handling mouse-movements and keystrokes (this made peerdata  
> work, after all).
> what i would love is, if a simple move (using cursor-keys) of a  
> slected objects would not result in:
> > pdtk_undomenu .x9f74bf0 motion no
> > .x9f74bf0.c move .x9f74bf0.t9f79510 0 1
> > .x9f74bf0.c coords .x9f74bf0.t9f79510R 252 117 277 117 277 134 252  
> 134 252 117
> > .x9f74bf0.c itemconfigure .x9f74bf0.t9f79510R -dash ""
> > .x9f74bf0.c coords .x9f74bf0.t9f79510o0 252 133 259 134
> > .x9f74bf0.c coords .x9f74bf0.t9f79510i0 252 117 259 118
> > .x9f74bf0.c coords .x9f74bf0.t9f79510i1 270 117 277 118
> but rather
> > pdtk_undomenu <winID> motion no;
> > <objID> move 0 1;
> (with winID being something like x9f74bf0, and objID being e.g.  
> 9f79510)
> nothing more is needed.
> i just don't want to see _any_ tcl/tk code in _any_ C-file.

The current structure of pd-devel is as it is because I think the key  
to success is to tackle this problem one step at a time.  DesireData  
is a huge leap away from the current structure.  DD's structure is a  
good idea, but it was too dramatic a change, perhaps.

Anyway, what I am currently working on, and have basically working, is  
making the GUI 100% Tcl.  It is now 100% Tcl, it is just not 100%  
working yet ;).  It is now (barely) usable and there are now nightly  
builds of pd-devel-extended.

About your example, I think that we definitely should address things  
like that.  But part of the mandate that Miller, you and others have  
laid out for pd-devel is that it should not change the C code or the  
current API.  That means your example is definitely not going to  
happen in this stage of the development.

That said, it would not be hard to reduce the above commands to  
succinct messages using Tk's tagging and the "move" command.  Then the  
selection would tag everything, then you only need a single move  
command to apply to that tag.  This then could easily be converted to  
Pd messages.  So it seems to be that this should be a two stage process

First things first, this pd-devel GUI needs to get included in  
vanilla, so we need to stick to those guidelines laid out by Miller.   
And Miller, any feedback that you can offer would be most appreciated.


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