[PD] ambi_decode3 ... getting the speaker feeds

e deleflie edeleflie at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 01:48:15 CET 2009

> iemmatrix has plenty of help-patches (though i don't know where they are on
> Pd-extended)
> just have a look at
> http://pure-data.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pure-data/trunk/externals/iem/iemmatrix/doc/

great ... thankyou.

>> I can do this outside of matrices but its gonna be shitloads of objects.
> yes that is the main reason why i started writing iemmatrix.
> the object you want is [mtx_*~ 16 9]

so easy! (when you know how).

For posterity's sake ... if anyone is googling how to get speaker
feeds from iem_ambi3, the answer is just to route the output of
iem_ambi3 into a mtx_*~ object  ... where the input signals are the
ambisonic components and the outputs are the speaker feeds.


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