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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Fri Jan 30 21:30:01 CET 2009

With more recent version of Tcl/Tk, they have been big improvements on  
GUI drawing performance.  I was just testing Pd-devel on Tcl/Tk 8.4.7  
( which I think pd-vanilla is still using) and Tcl/Tk 8.4.19 on Mac OS  
X. I opened a big patch, hit Select All, then moved the whole patch  
around.  THere was a huge difference in speed.  Plus I hear that Tcl/ 
Tk 8.5 is even faster.  So I think that with a bit more work, we can  
ride on top of the recent Tcl/Tk work and make the GUI decently fast.


On Jan 30, 2009, at 8:32 AM, João Pais wrote:

> I've used only Max in XP in the first versions, and at that time, pd  
> was
> much more reliable - you just had to make a metro->bang to have  
> instant
> rubato in max. But that was 4 years ago, I don't know how it is now.  
> for
> sure is better. max also crahed more often than pd at that time. but  
> that
> was the first edition of max for windows.
> I myself have no problems with midi on xp (general audio +  
> Multiface), and
> never understood why that message is there. maybe that depends on your
> hardware?
> Pd's GUI is very unefficient, but you'll only be affected if you use  
> it
> extensively, or in the "wrong" way. that usually doesn't happen much  
> - but
> it can happen. better to give concrete examples.
>> There's been a lot of talk here of late about PD not being terribly  
>> well
>> optimised in lots of ways - GUI drawing, and potentially other  
>> areas. I'd
>> always assumed (naively) that being less impressive to look at, PD  
>> was
>> probably quicker (in equivalent circumstances) than MAX.
>> As such, (and not having much cash for high powered PCs or software)
>> when I
>> came to pick between MAX and PD, I picked PD.
>> Was I wrong in assuming that PD runs more efficiently than MAX
>> (specifically
>> on XP)? I'm not sure I can afford MAX anyway, so the question is  
>> pretty
>> much
>> academic, but I'm interested to know peoples' thoughts on the matter.
>> Especially as I've recently come up against PD's issues with Midi  
>> inputs
>> on
>> XP (screws my shutdown every time I try to use midi inputs).
>> Ta
>> Dan
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