[PD] array size, is this a bug?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Jan 31 16:10:53 CET 2009

punchik punchik wrote:
> hello, i need to use big arrays to store a lot of values, when i change the size of the array from 100 (default ) to 900 and also the x range from "0 to 99" to 0 to 899 and i save my patch when i reopen it the size of the table comes back to 100 and the x range to 0 to 99, why is this? is this a bug? or am i missing something? i dont want to change the size everytime i reopen the patch, any idea?

i guess you are using [table] rather than plain "arrays". (or put it 
otherwise: i cannot reproduce your problem with plain arrays).

now, [table] has a 2nd argument, the size of the table which defaults to 
when you re-open your patch, [table] will initialize again to 100 (if 
you haven't specified something else).
this is very much in-line with the behaviour of most other objects: e.g. 
if you change the value of [f 100] (by sending a 3 into it), you will 
get the "100" again when you re-open your patch.

either don't use [table] but [pd table] with arrays in it.
or manually initialize your table to whatever you want.


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