[PD] Crasher bug found...

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sun Feb 1 20:55:58 CET 2009

Nice work isolating it!  It crashed for me with Pd-0.41.4-extended  
too.  It's strange since making a patch with just the [s] and a  
message doesn't crash.


On Feb 1, 2009, at 3:43 AM, Luke Iannini wrote:

> Well, I'll let you all confirm that before I truly say so : ).
> But, by sheer luck, I'm hoping I've found the memory-corruption bug
> causing my pd abstractions to be so unstable (as I've lamented quite a
> few times).
> Hopefully this is narrowed down enough to be useful Miller! (I'm happy
> to pare it down further if there are too many extraneous objects)
> Basically, open ds-slider-o-help.pd (which contains 10 copies of the
> GOP ds-slider-o.pd abstraction) and click the [CLICK TO CRASH( message
> which is connected to a [send] object with no destination.
> Assigning a destination prevents the crash.
> This would certainly make sense for my issues, as I use a ton of [s ]
> objects without arguments and it's likely that somewhere, one of them
> isn't being set properly.
> I attached one of the crashlogs as well, which starts at "0 pd
> 0x00039cbe pd_typedmess + 142 (m_class.c:696)", but note that I also
> saw the "0   ??? ..." style crash as well that I'm assuming is
> indicative of corrupted memory?
> I've tested this in Pd-extended 0.40 and in the latest Pd 0.42-3.
> Best
> Luke
> <crashlog.txt><ds-slider-o-help.pd><ds-slider- 
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