[PD] 5.1 Surround Sound, vbap.

narbino at ucsd.edu narbino at ucsd.edu
Mon Feb 2 20:45:01 CET 2009


I am doing an installation with a reactable that I am building. The only
difference is that I am making the glass table top spin. Depending on
which way the table spins the noise will travel through 5.1 surround sound
accordingly. Ex. if the table spins to the right the music will spin
through the speakers to the right and if it spins to the left, music will
also spin to the left.

My question is: does anyone have a working 5.1 surround sound patch that I
could look at? Someone suggested vbap. I also heard there is an object
called pix_fiducialtrack or something similar? Does anyone know anything
about this?

I would really appreciate some information. Thank you

-Natalie Arbino

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