[PD] Crasher bug found...

Miller Puckette mpuckett at imusic1.ucsd.edu
Tue Feb 3 03:44:32 CET 2009

Thanks -- that was just what I needed to find it... here's a patch that
should fix it.  I'll be puttint up a new bugfix release after I manage to
clean up another couple of problems.


diff --git a/src/g_template.c b/src/g_template.c
index 34541c0..f216b10 100644
--- a/src/g_template.c
+++ b/src/g_template.c
@@ -106,7 +106,7 @@ t_template *template_new(t_symbol *templatesym, int argc, t_
         argc -= 2; argv += 2;
-    if (templatesym->s_name)
+    if (*templatesym->s_name)
         x->t_sym = templatesym;
         pd_bind(&x->t_pdobj, x->t_sym);

On Sun, Feb 01, 2009 at 12:43:48AM -0800, Luke Iannini wrote:
> Well, I'll let you all confirm that before I truly say so : ).
> But, by sheer luck, I'm hoping I've found the memory-corruption bug
> causing my pd abstractions to be so unstable (as I've lamented quite a
> few times).
> Hopefully this is narrowed down enough to be useful Miller! (I'm happy
> to pare it down further if there are too many extraneous objects)
> Basically, open ds-slider-o-help.pd (which contains 10 copies of the
> GOP ds-slider-o.pd abstraction) and click the [CLICK TO CRASH( message
> which is connected to a [send] object with no destination.
> Assigning a destination prevents the crash.

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