[PD] GEM/Pd crash with tons of textures/11,000 abstractions

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 08:32:41 CET 2009

hello luke,

I am working on a similar project right now. but not with that many 
[squares], because pd becomes extremely slow at that stage.
still, I just raised the number of my grid and tested >22.000 tiles 
without crashing. and I am putting movies on each tile.
it took 3minutes to start up the patch and the framerate is poor. but it 
is not crashing.

one thing that I remember people kept telling me is, not to use too many 
objects in one canvas. so I created a subpatch for each row and put all 
the tiles of one row into that subpatch. none of the patches containes 
more than 200 objects.

another thing is that I am using extremely small textures. I resize them 
to the minimum necessary pixels before I load them into the pix_buffer.

I also think that textures on the gpu are uncompressed, so 162 mb of jpg 
might end up in 1,6GB of actual data. but I might be wrong here.

I am using pd-x 41.4 on MacOS X 10.5.


Luke Iannini wrote:
> Hallooo, I seem to be a crash-generating machine lately.
> I'm spawning about 11,000 copies of an abstraction containing
> basically a [gemhead], [pix_texture] and a [square] and then loading a
> 57x57 pixel texture onto each square.  If the GEM window is open, it
> crashes at (I believe) around 9000 squares, and if I leave it closed
> while the object spawning (successfully) takes place, it shows up
> black, sits around for a couple minutes, and then crashes.  I attached
> a log of each variant.  The former crash seems to happen in Pd, and
> the latter in Gem.  The textures are only 162mb total and I've got a
> 512M card so I don't think I'm hitting limits there (and I saw Gem
> successfully report "out of memory" when loading textures on my less
> memory-endowed laptop).
> I guess I can whip up a repro out of this, I'll do that next.
> Best
> Luke
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