[PD] weird_stave Release

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 4 10:31:03 CET 2009

Georg Werner hat gesagt: // Georg Werner wrote:

> weird_stave is a graphical score GUI abstraction which uses data  
> structures. It can play back 5 streams of values (between -100 an 100)  
> at variable speed. Multiple instances of it can be used in one pd patch  
> and scores can be stored in files.

Very cool and beautiful. Apps like this would indeed be much easier to
code if the idea that Miller's mentioned in a recent mail would be
implemented: accessing DS arrays with the tab* objectcs like [tabread]
[tabwrite] etc. Or alternatively let normal arrays have colors.

A little hint: The [pd 01dollars] can be patched easier as [list
append $0 $1].

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