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Garrett Lynch lists at asquare.org
Wed Feb 4 11:31:38 CET 2009


I've triedpix_background and can't see how two images are fed in (but  
it's late and I need to come back to it again later in the week).  I  
had already tried pix_chroma_key without much success but I'll have a  
look at this tutorial and see if it helps.  Again if anyone has a  
simple example that would be great but I'll keep chipping away at it  
in the meantime.


On 3 Feb 2009, at 19:41, Martin Schied wrote:

> Hi,
> Garrett Lynch wrote:
>> I'm trying to put together a video bluescreen and I'm just not  
>> finding the right object I think.  pix_multiply sort of does what  
>> I want by dropping out white in a video and replacing it with  
>> another video but how do I get this working with a defined colour  
>> (i.e. not necessarily white but the blue or green normally used in  
>> studios).  There seem a few objects that deal with different ways  
>> of mixing images/videos pix_mask, pix_mix, pix_composite etc.   
>> Which is the right one to use?  Thanks in advance.
> [pix_chroma_key] could do what you need. For higher quality results  
> you'll have to use several objects and use some compositing  
> techniques like explained here:
> http://www.blendedplanet.com/?Freebie_Tutorials:The_Ultimate_Keyer
> It's for blender3d and probably overkill for your needs but you can  
> use some of its basic principles in GEM too.
> - btw has anyone done something like that in pd? I only used it in  
> blender some time ago.
> cheers,
> Martin

Garrett at asquare.org

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