[PD] video bluescreen

Ben Baker-Smith bbakersmith at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 14:31:39 CET 2009

>I've triedpix_background and can't see how two images are fed in

>Again if anyone has a
>simple example that would be great but I'll keep chipping away at it
>in the meantime.

You don't actually load a base image into pix_background, you send a [reset(
message to the [pix_background] object and it takes a snapshot of whatever's
in front of the connected camera (or incoming video stream).  Then it
compares all incoming frames with that snapshot and outputs anything that's
different between the two.  The right inlet sets the threshold and takes an
RGB value, so you will have to adjust this to reduce inevitable noise and
artifacting.  I have attached a very basic version of this patch I've
described.  I don't have a cam attached to this computer and don't have the
time to test it, but it should work.

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