[PD] minor bug in Pd-0.42-4 for Mac OS X

Roberto Mallo García joseghast at joseghast.org
Fri Feb 6 17:12:52 CET 2009

Hello to all,

This is the first time I write, and it's just because I'm having a  
minor problem with the latest two versions of Pd (Vanilla). When I  
open the program, if I click command-o to open an archive it displays  
a window with the message: 'Error: bad window path name""'. If I  
click on details appears some more information:

bad window path name ""
bad window path name ""
     while executing
"tk_getOpenFile -defaultextension .pd -parent $parent -filetypes  
{ {{pd files} {.pd}} {{max files} {.pat}}}  -initialdir $pd_opendir"
     (procedure "menu_open" line 3)
     invoked from within
"menu_open $topname"
     (procedure "pdtk_canvas_ctrlkey" line 34)
     invoked from within
"pdtk_canvas_ctrlkey . o 0"
     (command bound to event)

However, if I click on the console before pressing command-o or if I  
press it with some windows open, it works perfectly.

I'm running Pd-0.42.-4 (although the 0.42-3 did the same) under Mac  
OS 10.4.11 fully updated on a iBook G4.




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