[PD] another iPhone/iPodTouch OSC controller

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Fri Feb 6 18:56:45 CET 2009

just stubled about this (via Max-mailinglist)
(from the makers of framestein)


from the website:

FantaStick is a minimalistic remote interface for use with software  
such as Max/MSP or Pure Data.
With FantaStick you receive multitouch-events and issue simple drawing  
commands to build exactly the kind of interface you want.
FantaStick is 100% widget-free! 0% OSC content!
Instead of a limited set of builtin-widgets, the interface-logic  
resides in Max/MSP (or your software of choice) and only drawing  
commands are sent to the device. This leads to interfaces that work  
exactly the way you want - and look gorgeously minimalistic, too!


- Minimalistic, fullscreen control area with nothing on it but what  
you provide.
- Multitouch-events on the device are forwarded to your host via UDP.  
Information includes the touch state (begin, move, end) and coordinates.
- Designed for no-hassle: zero-click startup, the device does not  
sleep or suspend network, flicker- and lag-free.
- Displaying images (fetched with URLs)  and caching them locally for  
use on non-networked locations.
- Basic drawing with lines, boxes and text.
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