[PD] limit in number of sssad abstraction

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Feb 8 19:54:26 CET 2009

Hallo Pun,
punchik punchik hat gesagt: // punchik punchik wrote:

> Hi Frank i was using sssad 0.1 , i updated to the last version from svn and now it works fine without crashes, but im still getting those stack overflow messages, Is there anyway to know where  does they come from in pd? how can i know what is causing this?

I would guess that these come from message loops somewhere in your
patch. With loop I mean some directly connected sends and receives
feeding each other like this:

 [r LOOP]
 | [something(
 [s LOOP]

Now you would of course never patch something like this directly, but it
may be that hidden sends inside of GUI objects are used like this.

You can also easily create a loop with [sssad] if you do the
cross-connection to the first inlet of the [sssad] object. It has to go
to the *second* inlet to avoid loops. So maybe check all your [sssad]
objects if they are connected correctly.

"Find -> Last Error" can give valuable information sometimes. It is able
to detect the source of the loop I painted above. 

> Other thing i was thinking is that sometimes im using one saddd
> abstraction for hold 3 variables as in the case of
> "colorglobal_background: 1 0 0.305085"  Is this a good practice ? or
> is it better to use one sssad object for each variable?

No, that's fine in general - I also do it for related settings. Again
you have to be careful with loops here - maybe making a [pack 0 0 0] "all
hot" with some [t b a] objects is triggering an endless loop here.


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