[PD] here I go again..dynamic abstractions

Georg Werner georg at fricklr.de
Mon Feb 9 13:33:36 CET 2009


Frank Barknecht:
 > How about making $0 in messages be a message counter?
if somebody really needs that - i dont ;)

ok, i give up. i think we are on a rather philosophical point now.
but i had a lot of times when students where asking why they have to 
write [f $0]-[foobar $1( instead of [foobar $0(. so this came up from a 
users point of view.
after getting all your input (thanks). i think Claude brought up the 
most logical solution, because this makes the different functions of $ 
obvious and obsolete. And it would help users and devs. (i know it will 
be a long way - cause it will break some patches ... :( )
 > $ in message boxes is unfortunate.  If there was a different symbol,
 > perhaps #, you could combine both phases in one object box to avoid
 > jumping through pointless hoops.
 > [$0-#1-$2-#3( would be nice, but as Pd is now, it's a nightmare.

not a nightmare, but this is one point why Pd is harder to learn for 
beginners than it has to.

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