[PD] video bluescreen

Garrett Lynch lists at asquare.org
Mon Feb 9 20:02:04 CET 2009


Apologies for the slowness of my reply.  Thanks both for the  
examples.  I couldn't get pix_background working Ben but it seems to  
be not what I'm looking for on this occasion anyway.  Mark, managed  
to see yours working, yep its pretty raw but it's a start which is  
what I needed.  Many thanks.


> You don't actually load a base image into pix_background, you send  
> a [reset( message to the [pix_background] object and it takes a  
> snapshot of whatever's in front of the connected camera (or  
> incoming video stream).  Then it compares all incoming frames with  
> that snapshot and outputs anything that's different between the  
> two.  The right inlet sets the threshold and takes an RGB value, so  
> you will have to adjust this to reduce inevitable noise and  
> artifacting.  I have attached a very basic version of this patch  
> I've described.  I don't have a cam attached to this computer and  
> don't have the time to test it, but it should work.
> -Ben

> http://megrimm.net/software/green-screen-pd-0.01/green-screen-pd.zip
> this sort of works although its still pretty sloppy. didn't try  
> with screen yet but with the help of iohannes and jacks color  
> picker examples one should be able to key out any solid color from  
> a video just by selecting it in a gem window.
> works on my side on osx.
> mark

Garrett at asquare.org

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