[PD] japanese encoded chars in PD

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Feb 11 03:04:34 CET 2009

On Feb 10, 2009, at 3:14 PM, august wrote:

>> august wrote:
>>> hey'aw.
>>> Can anyone give me hand on handling Japanese character encodings  
>>> in PD.
>>> I feel like I've read every document on character encodings and  
>>> still
>>> don't understand the mess....even for my own pragrams that work with
>>> text.
>>> Is there a way to handle UTF-8  in PD?
>> hmm, depends on what you mean by "handling characters".
>> at least in Gem, you should be able to display unicode characters, by
>> using the [string( message (in combination with [text3d]).
>> the arguments are numbers which enumerate the glyphs in your font  
>> (and
>> with unicode fonts this should map to unicode characters:)
>> report a bug if it does not.
>> however, you might be talking of something totally different...
> that is one part I was looking for.  thank you.
> are there also objects for handling conversions between character
> encodings?   Or, an object to convert between utf8 or UCS-2 and the  
> unicode
> char code numbers that GEM takes?
> Is there a default character encoding for PD messages? I assume it is
> LATIN1 because I have seen umlauts in comments before(I think).   It
> doesn't look like I can make comments in UTF8 encoded chars.
> I have my char problems solved right now, but now as I discover more
> about the difficulties of character encodings and the treachery that
> ASCII has caused....I am just curious.

Its a weird bastard mix currrently of Latin1 and UTF-8.  The Tk GUI  
can handle UTF-8 and uses UTF-8 natively.  The C side is basically  
Latin1 but doesn't really check:

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This is something that I would really like to have working properly in  
Pd-devel.  Tcl/Tk is natively UTF-8, so it seems that we should  
support UTF-8 in Pd.  Anyone feel like trying to fix it?  I don't  
understand encodings so well.



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