[PD] Wireless contact mics

nick burge tectp at telefonica.net
Mon Feb 16 10:27:30 CET 2009

Hello Oded.
I use wireless contact mics in a couple of projects. Both requiring freedom
of movement for the object to be miked up.
(See the links below)


I make my own pickups (piezo ceramic discs) and pre-amps: I've often used
this schematic which gives me a good result.
I plug the signal from my pre-amp into the sennheiser freeport radio mic
system which is good value for money, but limited to 4 transmitter/receivers
at once which is more than enough for me. (it has a setting to alter the
gain of the transmitter for instrument or microphone) The connection is
conveniently based on mini-jacks.
Did you have a specific problem or question I could maybe help you with?

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