[PD] gem video capture ohci1394

Loic Kessous loic.kessous at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 18:07:22 CET 2009


I try to use a ieee camera into pd on linux ubuntu hardy (for the  
moment with gem pix_video).

I succeeded to make it work with 'coriander' (http://damien.douxchamps.net/ieee1394/coriander/ 
) .

but not with Pd... I actually don't know what I am supposed to send  
instead of the message:

[device /dev/dv1394/0] , which is not working as it is not a dv cam.

I saw in /dev that there is also a 'video1394' but I didn't get any  
success with messages like [device /dev/video1394/0]

according to the datasheet of the cam the driver is 'ieee1394b ohci'  
and the cam is IIDC compliant, I saw in the help file that 'no raw1394  
is supported but I don't know if it concern the one I use.

the pci card:
FWB-PCI02 (http://www.ioi.com.tw/products/proddetail.aspx? 
ProdID=1060074), but apparently there isn't any problem with it as it  
is listed by the command 'lshw' and any way it works with Coriander.

the ieee camera:
point grey research FL2-08S2C (http://www.ptgrey.com/products/flea2/)

any suggestions ?



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