[PD] rc-drums: some electro drums / 808 emulation

danomatika danomatika at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 07:38:09 CET 2009


After looking at drums from Andy Farnell, Roman Haefeli, and receiving
lots of pointers
from Damian Stewart, I made some 808 drums in pd.  I spent a bit of time
listening to
samples and tweaking filters to make the bass and snare drum.  The
hihat, cowbell,
and cymbal are by Damian Stewart, repackaged by me.  The bendytom is not
after anything in particular.

There are gui versions of each which save to sssad.

I'd like to make a 808 full set but will add new drums as I have a need
for them.

Try the bass through a compressor to get the hiphop boomboom.

A zip is attached or you can check my svn:

Dan Wilcox
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