[PD] pd-extended on Ubuntu 8.1 Intrepid

Ilias Anagnostopoulos I.Anagnostopoulos at sheffield.ac.uk
Wed Feb 18 23:53:24 CET 2009

Hello Fraenk,

The whole procedure is to add the following two lines:

deb http://otherside.servebeer.com/ubuntu intrepid main
deb-src http://otherside.servebeer.com/ubuntu intrepid main

in the following file:


Open the file with your text editor of choice (requires superuser 
access, sudo or similar) and manually type the lines in, in the end of 
the file.

As soon as you've done that, the easiest way to add the key is to 
download it on your computer, say on your Desktop. Then do the following 
in a terminal:

sudo apt-key add ~/Desktop/key.gpg

sudo apt-get update

Next time you start Synaptic, it should have updated the packages and 
you should find pd-extended in there.

The only case when this wouldn't work is with the 64-bit version of 
Intrepid, since the package is a 32-bit one.


> Hi Frank,
> I just had to reinstall pd-extended following an upgrade to Intrepid and 
> used 
> http://pd.ianagnostopoulos.postgrad.shef.ac.uk/pd-extended_0.40.3-intrepid6_i386.deb 
> from the http://www.puredata.info/downloads page.
> Seems the easiest way to me.
> James

This is the non-repository version. If you can't be bothered with the 
repository, you can just download the package from there and 
double-click on it to install. The benefit of the repository is that you 
get updates as and when needed, you also get access to other software, 
and when you get the next ubuntu distro, somebody will do a package 
which will go on the repo so you'll automatically be getting that.

Last but not least:

> hi, now the repo should be http://otherside.gnufunk.org
> same lines I think. I'm hosting the repo as requested from the packager
> ciao,
> Marco

Marco is providing a mirror for the Otherside website, including the 
Repositories, SVN and APT. His server is faster than mine, so anyone 
having download speed issues might want to try his. Mine is located in 
Sheffield, UK. His is located in Erfurt, Germany. Roman is also hosting 
the APT repositories in his server, in Switzerland. Roman's is probably 
faster than mine but busier than both mine and Marco's since it hosts netpd.

So in the three cases, the sources.list entries would be:

deb http://otherside.servebeer.com/ubuntu intrepid main

deb http://otherside.gnufunk.org/ubuntu intrepid main

deb http://www.netpd.org/~ilias/ubuntu intrepid main

The first one being mine, the second one being Marco's and the third one 
being Roman's. (You only need to use ONE of these servers in the 
sources.list file)

Thanks again Marco and Roman!


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