[PD] Best way to deal with many tables.

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Sat Feb 21 21:48:34 CET 2009

B. Bogart a écrit :
> Thanks all for your comments.
> Cyrille, This is an interesting idea, pix_histo outputs tables though. I
> don't know what you mean by 2D tables,
what i call a 2D table is just a 2D matrix...

> they should be 3D for each colour
> channel right??
why 3D? 
density = function (image, color index)
it's only 2D.

> Even if there was an object to dump a hist into an
> image, rather than into a table, I don't think the gem pixel operations
> on pixels would be any faster than those on tables (slicing out,
> concatenating, listing etc..) Please share if you have some ideas
> already implemented that does this kind of thing.

i don't know if i did understand.
do you have the hystogram and only wish to acces them in real time.
or do you want to modify them in RT?

i originaly thought that you could script something to write  the histogram of your images in table of 3x256 value (1 table for 3 hysto). Then concatenate them in "not real time" into 1 big image.
then accessing the data in RT was simple.
if you wish to modify this data in RT, it will be harder. 

maybe a matrix will be the best...


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