[PD] streaming audio and video in Linux

John Harrison johnharrisonwsu at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 05:54:45 CET 2009

Somebody was just asking me about options for streaming audio and video 
in Pd-extended. I wouldn't mind help with the answer. Here's what I have 
gathered so far.


    * streamin~ and streamout~ --- but the help patches don't seem to
      work in Linux. Seems to work ok in windows.
    * netsend~ and netreceive~ --- not provided in pd-extended and
      seemed a bit flaky when I tried them before.
    * mp3streamin~ and mp3streamout~ --- help patch missing in
      pd-extended but seem to work ok outside of Windows.
    * mp3cast~ and friends: seems to work ok if you have a shoutcast


    * I couldn't find anything in Gem to stream video. Did I miss it? I
      was wondering if using pix_pix2sig~, streaming as audio, then
      pix_sig2pix~ might work.
    * in pdp/pidip there's pdp_i and pdp_o. I didn't find help patches
      for these in pd_extended
    * also in pdp/pidip there's some other's pdp_mp4live~ etc. I suspect
      the ffserver-based ones don't work in pd-extended. Not sure on the

For either audio or video maybe there's a way to send to vlc through the 
stdin or stdout, then let vlc do the streaming?


John Harrison

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