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Tue Feb 24 18:06:11 CET 2009

Since he's showing Blender+ Pd, I thought I forward it here:

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> From: Nick Porcaro <nick at porcaro.org>
> Date: February 21, 2009 7:55:49 PM EST
> To: Nick Porcaro <nick at porcaro.org>
> Subject: NYC Blender Users's meeting: Sat. Mar. 7th 2pm, Polytechnic  
> University,  Rogers Hall room 474
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> The New York City Blender User's Group http://www.blendernyc.org
> is holding a meeting at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, in Rogers  
> Hall room 474 at 2 pm.
> Saturday March 7th at 2 pm

> Directions: http://www.poly.edu/directions
> We have the space for 5 hours.
> I plan to make a presentation on the work I've been doing with the  
> Blender Game Engine and
> Pure Data http://www.puredata.org in support of free improv art/ 
> music, and Daniel Houghton will
> be discussing his short film called Pitch:
> http://download.blender.org/demo/movies/bc08/Best_short_film/Daniel-Houghton_Pitch.avi
> This gathering is for anyone interested in connecting or  
> reconnecting to the Blender community
> in New York City.  We encourage presentations of recent work, future  
> projects, and ideas for collaboration.
> However, if you would like to attend simply to listen, please do.
> Blender http://www.blender.org is a free open source 3D content
> creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the
> GNU General Public License. It compares well to software like Maya or
> 3D Studio Max.
> If you want to see what Blender is capable of, see:
> Elephant's Dream: http://www.elephantsdream.org
> Big Buck Bunny: http://www.bigbuckbunny.org
> and Yo Frankie!: http://www.yofrankie.org
> These projects were all supported by the Blender Foundation,
> and you can download all the .blend files for these projects at
> the sites shown above.  Yo Frankie! is particularly interesting
> in that it represents lots of recent improvements to the Blender Game
> Engine, enabling more advanced real time support.
> Hope to see you there!
> Please RSVP, as Polytechnic has asked me for a head count.
> - Nick Porcaro


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