[PD] Workarounds for number truncation >6 digits?

Florian Hollerweger flo at mur.at
Tue Feb 24 21:28:21 CET 2009


I'm picking up a thread here from November last year: As IOhannes has 
pointed out at
the Pd editor truncates long numbers to 6 digits (which of course has 
nothing to do with Pd's floating point resolution).

IOhannes has also noted that behind the GUI, the "correct" numbers (i.e. 
the ones that were initially typed) are still being used, leading to 
interesting situations like two [route 1e+06] boxes with different behavior.

However, when the patch is closed and re-opened, the _truncated_ (i.e. 
"incorrect") numbers are applied. While this complies with Pd's "the 
picture is the patch" philosophy, it obviously can lead to problematic 

A workaround was suggested by Nick Mariette:

I was wondering whether anybody else would share their strategies with 
regards to this problem?

I am guessing that another workaround would be to totally bypass the 
editor and run Pd without the GUI? (Which doesn't seem to make the 
development process very convenient, though.)

Any other ideas?


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