[PD] A non-leaky stopwatch

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 25 01:36:32 CET 2009


do you want to pack this together with pd-ext? It would be easier for  
general people to keep track of it.

João Pais

> Hello,
> Attached is a stopwatch, derived from [maketime], that doesn't pollute
> the symbol table (i.e., indefinitely leak memory), thanks to Frank B.'s
> idea for keeping the symbols re-usable.
> It has one-second grain, so it does not keep track of partial seconds
> between stops and restarts-with-no-reset.  However, it is quite accurate
> after resets and when first started.  I learned that metro sends an
> immediate bang when started -- something I had never paid attention to
> before.  So [ps-stopwatch] always skips the first bang out of [metro]
> (after reset) so that it isn't one second ahead.  It counts up to 99
> hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, then wraps back to zero.
> It would be easy to make this a finer-grain stopwatch, down to the
> inherent resolution of [metro].  However, for my purposes (timing of
> live performance) one-second grain is quite adequate, and not too
> CPU-hungry.
> Thanks again to Frank for this elegant solution.
> Phil Stone
> www.pkstonemusic.com

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