[PD] phase-canceling

Martin Schied crinimal at gmx.net
Wed Feb 25 01:51:23 CET 2009


mrz schrieb:
> yes,i find it also not an absurd question.
> I had build a loop machine, and i did want to phase cancel the sound 
> is coming out of the speakers to be able recording and play again new 
> stuff over that loop in "realtime" (overdubbing). But as far as i 
> understand it is a really complex thing to do so as chuck allready 
> mentioned. But someone build allready a kind of "feedback canceller" 
> or is it simply not possible in the real world?
it's possible: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echo_cancellation

but I'm no expert at this...

perhaps there's some reusable code of asterisk or other telephony 
software with implementations of cancellation mechanisms someone could...


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