[PD] Google Summer of Code 2009!

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Feb 25 20:24:27 CET 2009


Google is doing summer of code again, this time we have the knowledge  
and an app so that we can get chosen again.  Here's the site:


Here's our app from last year:


The first question to answer is: are all of the mentors from last year  
still up for being a mentor this year?  The mentor gets $500 per  
student, perhaps being a mentor would be more enticing if the mentor  
got to keep the $500.  Here's the list from last year:

       IOhannes? m zmoelnig umlaeute AA gmail.com
       Damian Stewart damian.stewart AA gmail.com
       Hans-Christoph Steiner pdgsocmentor AA gmail.com
       Jamie Bullock jamie.b.bullock AA googlemail.com
       ClaudiusMaximus? clodmax AA googlemail.com
       Andy Farnell andyfarnell AA googlemail.com
       Alexandre Castonguay anaxel.guy.de.tarascon AA gmail.com
       Bryan Jurish moocow.bovine AA gmail.com
       Chris McCormick? mccormix AA gmail.com
       David Plans Casal davidplans AA gmail.com
       B. Bogart p314159265358978 AA gmail.com

The Org app is due March 9th, so let's get cracking and make a great  



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