[PD] pd on Ubuntu 64bit?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Feb 26 09:49:37 CET 2009

John Harrison wrote:
> danomatika wrote:
>> I made a 64bit build of pd-extended using the pd core (0.41 I believe)
>> from the pd-extended svn and it has this table bug.  It seems to only
>> access half of the table, at least in the C08 and C09 audio example
>> patches.  They work fine in my build using pd-vanilla 0.42.4.
> Wow I am surprised to hear that. I remember seeing this table bug in
> 0.40 but thought it disappeared on my 64 bit ubuntu Hardy build of 0.41.

it's definitely fixed in 0.41

there are 2 possibilites, i see:
- dan has (despite his claims) not built a 0.41 version but a prior one
- the bug he is experiencing comes from some externals using
garray_getfloatarray() rather than garray_getfloatwords()

in the latter case, there ought to be some printout in the Pd-console
about the illegal use of garray_getfloatarray() on 64bit.


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