[PD] pd-ext documentation [was something else]

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 27 00:57:29 CET 2009

>>  I already made my one available several times on the list - whenever  
>> the question "how many objects are in pd-ext" comes -, but probably it  
>> wasn't that popular.
>> 2682 objects? when I check the properties of the extra folder  
>> (windows), I get 2666 files - bear in mind that there are several  
>> repeatitions (many objects are repeated in flatspace), and other files  
>> aren just secondary material, and some objects don't work. did you sort  
>> out repetitions or something?
>>  how did you extract this list?
> I did this manually, a lot of copy and paste.
> and yes, there might be some duplicates and some unusual objects like  
> all the gemgl objects are in the list...

ah ah, and I thought I was the only crazy guy going through object per  
object and extract the information (see excel file). ok, maybe we should  
discuss a more serious way of automatising this.

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