[PD] adding SSSAD key creation argument after creating and changing an abstraction

hard off hard.off at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 02:51:38 CET 2009

hi frank, thanks for the reply.

your system uses extra inlets and outlets on each abstraction to load the
preset data, which is something i wanted to avoid if at all possible.  but
saying that, i think your system has one really great advantage which i
didn't imagine by myself... the preset data is also passed THRU each
abstraction, so abs can be chained together and pass the preset information
along that chain.  if all else fails and i can't come up with anything, then
i'll use that approach too.

that rjlib is looking really excellent now, by the way.  been a couple of
months since i checked it out, and it's really grown.

cheers.  matt
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