[PD] Transcoding Stream in VLC => pd => pdp_icedthe~

mark edward grimm mgrimm at syr.edu
Fri Feb 27 21:53:51 CET 2009

OK. I was looking into transcodeing a live asx stream so i could use it in PD with pdp_icedthe~

my VLC m3u file looks like this:


can anyone tell if i am doing something wrong? it all runs fine in VLC and seems like its transcoding yet I get :

pdp_icedthe~ : connecting to url=http://localhost:8080/
pdp_icedthe~ : connecting to host=>localhost< port=>8080< mountpoint=><
error: pdp_icedthe~: connection failed!

pdp_icedthe~ : connection thread 0 launched

i probably dont need the "localhost" part... but either way it does not work. apache is installed and running. is there something maybe with port i should do?

i guess i just cant tell where I am, or if, i am missing something...

im on ubuntu 8.10 now... but will be on osx 10.5 this weekend. right now it does not work on either. 

maybe someone has done this already?


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