[PD] Pd/GEM and camera for tracking

Jack jack at rybn.org
Sat Mar 7 13:15:16 CET 2009

Hello David,

Thanx for all this informations using an analogue camera.
It's good to know there is FireWire extensions, but it is very  
expensive (245 pound sterling !).

If i understand, the system is like this :
Analogue camera with BNC -> BNC baluns with power -> cat 5 cable ->  
composite baluns with power -> composite to FireWire400 converter ->  
FireWire400 to FireWire800 cable -> MacMini -> Pd/GEM ?

I know that analogues cameras are good solutions, but with all this  
stuff, there is no risk of noise ? ;) (tell me if i'm wrong).


Le 7 mars 09 à 06:18, David Kirkpatrick a écrit :

> Hi Jack,
> I've done a fair bit of this sort of thing before. The most useful  
> setup i've found is:
> 1) Analogue monochrome CCTV camera. (Preferably with around 700  
> horizontal lines or so, very low lux, and self syncing)
> I use these. http://www.allthings.com.au/Catalogue/CCS/monochrome% 
> 20low%20light%20cctv%20dsp%20video%20camera.html
> You can then buy a C or CS lens that is the right angle for your  
> situation. For roof mounted stuff I use an ultra-wide angle  
> varifocal set to just before it noticably fisheyes.
> 2) Cat 5 balun connected to CCTV camera's analogue video output and  
> power input. This allows signal to be sent, and power to be  
> recieved via a single cheap UTP Cat 5 lead (i've gone 30 metres  
> with no noticable image quality loss, supposedly you can go much  
> further). Removes the need to run a mains power lead or coax lead  
> to the camera so setup is quick and easy, and reduces time spent  
> dangling from ladders. You can get sets of cat 5 baluns really  
> cheap on ebay.
> 3) Second cat 5 balun, on the other end of the cat 5 lead, placed  
> next to computer. Connect to a suitable power supply for your video  
> camera, and connect signal to a near zero latency industrial  
> firewire capture device such as a DFG/1394-1e. http:// 
> www.theimagingsource.com/en_US/products/converters/dfg13941e/ This  
> allows you to hook up to a to a desktop or laptop, including a mac  
> mini.
> Then you're done. Just set Pd to listen to the DFG/1394-1e. Image  
> will be clean and roughly equivalent to 720x576 res.
> This setup can also be modified to work with near infra-red light  
> instead of visible light if you want to avoid detecting lighting  
> changes as movement. Just tape three squares of primary red and  
> congo blue gel in front of the camera lens. Set up a few PAR56s to  
> flood the space with light. Add the same gel to the 56's as you did  
> to the camera and it will block almost all visible light. People  
> will glow bright white when viewed through the camera, but most  
> other stuff in the space will be close to invisible.
> Alternately, if you want to use a firewire board camera, you can  
> get something like a Lindy CAT5 FireWire Extender. They aren't  
> cheap but they extend the maximum length of a firewire run from  
> around 5m to 70m without quality loss.
> Regards,
> David Kirkpatrick
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