[PD] pidip compilation problem

marc widmer marc at anorg.net
Tue Mar 17 14:07:12 CET 2009

hi IOhannes

thanks for your inputs...

yes, pdp is installed an running (PDP: pure data packet version 
ffmpeg is from cvs, but not from sourceforge, apparently ffmpeg moved to 

i downloaded it via svn from here:

svn checkout svn://svn.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg/trunk ffmpeg

compilation went fine. but beside the note that you should compile 
ffmpeg from cvs,
which is not available anymore (guess svn should be the right 
replacement), there
is no special version mentioned.

if you have any other suggestions, i would be really happy, as for now, 
i do not
really know where's the problem.


IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> marc widmer wrote:
>> hi
>> my configure command looks like this:
>> ./configure --with-pd=/usr/lib/pd 
>> --with-pdp=/home/metafor/Desktop/puredata-externals/externals/pdp/ 
>> --with-ffmpeg=/home/metafor/Desktop/puredata-externals/ffmpeg/
> two suggestions:
> - have you configured and built pdp?
> - is the ffmpeg you installed of the "correct" version? (i think the 
> correct version is mentioned somewhere pidip's readme)
> mfgasr
> IOhannes

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