[PD] Writing -dB or VU level to a TXT File

Benalt, Adam D (NBC Universal, MSNBC) adam.benalt at msnbc.com
Fri Apr 3 21:52:12 CEST 2009

Hey All -- 
I'd appreciate any advice that you could offer on this.

Ultimately, what I'd want to do is just access the Line-In audio data
(I'm assuming it's somewhere in the Windows API?) and then write that
data (maybe constantly updated to a TXT file?) so I can access the TXT
file from another program.

Basically, how to get numerical data (writing into a txt file)
representing the levels on a sound card?

Please e-mail responses to:  adam.benalt at msnbc.com

Adam D. Benalt
Production Technology Director
212-664-1142 desk

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